Saturday, April 3, 2010

House Hunters

Before all this started, John and I imagined our house hunt to be fun and full of endless wonderful places. That's silly, right? Anyway, it definitely hasn't turned out that way.

The first day was bad. Bad bad bad. The first house, in fact, was so creepy crawly that we all wanted to go home and promptly shower after our five minute tour. We saw nothing of value that trip and would have returned with our heads hung so low as to be dragging on the floor if not for one house that was cute and clean but misrepresented. (I mean, at least it was clean.)

Day two we opted to forgo appointments and just drive around and scope out neighborhoods instead. It was a good plan that helped us eliminate (most) houses and gather a (small) list of ones to check out. Of course, that was when we thought one city was pretty decent. During the next week several people (some of whom grew up there) sang a song to the contrary.

So there went those houses.

That brings us to yesterday. Yesterday afternoon we checked out two houses. Both were sweet, both contendors. One is in an adorable neighborhood but needs more TLC than we expected. The other one is in a neighborhood that seems okay - not great - but is in terrific shape, save for the fact that it's a little tight space-wise.

And the more I think about things, the more I think I've kind of fallen in love with the first house - the first house from yesterday, not the creepy crawly original first house.

It's cute, right? It has a nice little front yard and a back yard with a deck. We would have to refinish the hardwood floor, which isn't a huge deal, and the whole place would need new carpeting (but there's only three rooms with carpeting). The kitchen needs some adjustments...

But it's cute and comfortable and has a good vibe. And I could totally see us living there.